Roberts Dreamtime 2 DAB+ Radio with Alarm Clock

Radio Type: Radio

Radio Features: Alarm clock

Radio Features: FM / AM

Radio Features: DAB+

Colour: white

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The DreamTime 2 Radio Alarm Clock has 20 station presets for DAB and FM wavebands. There is no shortage of ‘wake-up’ options, you can select from your favourite DAB or FM station or the buzzer. The stylish half moon design not only looks good but is practical too. The large curved edge houses the speakers which offer excellent sound quality. Plus this convenient shape ensures that the radio takes up minimum space on the bedside table. Other features include auto time set, two independent alarms, sleep and snooze timers, search/manual tuning and a headphone socket.

DAB/ FM RDS wavebands
20 station presets
Auto time set
Two independent alarms
Wake to DAB, FM or buzzer
Adjustable sleep and snooze timers
Multi stage dimmer
Menu display / selection of all major functions
Search / manual tuning
Headphone socket
Amber back light display
Dimensions : 13.8 x 16.5 x 6.7 cm