MIDLAND G7 PRO Mimetic Two Way Radio

Colour: camouflage

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Midland G7 PRO is the radio for those who love outdoor activities. Hiking, airsoft, climbing, hunting are just a few examples of the perfect use of this walkie-talkie. A compact and elegant design that always accompanies you in your passions. 

G7 PRO has an above-the-standard core under a clean and soft design. A large display explains clearly the channels and all information.
A long battery life is the strongest feature of G7 PRO: 3 hours in conversation and 28 hours in stand-by.
The functions and buttons of G7 PRO makes the radio versatile and functional. “Side Tone” silences the noise at the end of transmission, while with PTT button you can choose a high or low output power.


Frequency Dual Band PMR446/LPD
Channels 77 Channels: 8 PMR446 / 69 LPD
Splash proof IPX2
Large display LCD
Dual Watch
Keypad lock
Roger Beep
VOX 6 levels
Call + Vibracall
Pin connector 2
Auto Power Save
Dimensions 58x122x34 mm