MIDLAND G5C Two Way Radio

Colour: black

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Midland introduces Midland G5C, the new version of the G5 family. New design with rubber finishing for a better grip, small-size and small lightweight to bring it always with you, Midland G5C is a simple and easy to use PMR446 transceiver but complete and reliable at the same time. Besides the many functions usually included in PMR446 radios such as VOX, Dual Watch and CALL functions, G5C is also equipped with the Baby Sitter mode, to monitor and listen to your baby at a distance. To easily recognize, for example, which radio is set as baby monitor or as "parents” radio, the two G5C supplied in the package are featured with different colors: one is totally black while the other one has red finishing. The radio is also equipped with the Out-of-Range feature with which you can verify if there are some other radios within your range. The Out-of-Range can be set manual or automatic, upon your needs. The Side Tone function eliminates the annoying rustle at the end of transmissions.


Baby Sitter function with dedicated channels.
Automatic battery save.
Low battery indicator.
VOX adjustable in 3 levels for communication hands free + Vox Talk Back.
CALL feature
Roger Beep
Audio Accessories: 2 pin
Compatible wall charger: MW904

Dimensions 50x85x25 mm